Top Historic Sites to Virtually Tour!

The Great Wall of China – Smithsonian National Museum – Yellowstone National Park – San Diego Zoo – (click live cams) Museum of Modern Art – The Louvre – Sistine Chapel – Yosemite National Park – Van Gogh Museum –    

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James’ Baseball Bash

I introduced my good friend Christel to my longtime family friend Michael. The two got hitched and have the most beautiful baby boy, James. ( I love to tell everyone this story) I am not his God Mother but thought if I let everyone know, his mom might feel bad for not picking me.. just kidding! […]

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Art Party Birthday

Savannah turned 5 and chose an art party to celebrate with her closest friends! We rented out a local art studio and our guests were treated to three fun projects. We started with a wooden box that the kids painted, and used grout to add embellishments. Next was sand art and a placemat. We decided […]

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