James’ Baseball Bash

I introduced my good friend Christel to my long time family friend Michael. The two got hitched and have the most beautiful baby boy, James. ( I love to tell everyone this story) I am not his God Mother but thought if I let everyone know, his mom might feel bad for not picking me.. just kidding! (not really) lol

The couple used a baseball that exploded blue powder to announce the sex of their baby and being it was a beautiful boy, the theme carried over to his fabulous first birthday party.

Here are some of the fun details I got to set up with his momma!

All of these photographs were taken by the very talented Priscilla Isaac

The dessert table included photos of James, party favors, baseball cake-pops, rice krispy treats, and baseball bat pretzel rods.

Two large concession stands housed peanuts, big league chew, and sunflower seeds for the adults.


Can we please take a moment to appreciate James’ adorable stance while being photgraphed? His shirt and personalized baseball are both from Etsy.

Kids tables had a color your own pennant to keep smaller kids busy!

(Yes, that’s my daughter giving a dirty look to a complete stranger behind her.)


For lunch, national coney island catered coney dogs, and fries! What goes better with a ball game than a hot dog?


Party favors included a number 1 and baseball cookie with a bag of cracker jacks and a baseball. The custom favor tags are from Etsy.



Having two daughters, I really enjoy helping my friends with their “boy” parties.. so you may see some more soon..




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