Ice Cream Shoppe 1st Birthday!

I will never forget the day my daughter turned one! It was such an emotional day for me. For her actual birthday, we spent the day at the Detroit Zoo for her first time and came home to a dinner and smash cake with our immediate family. That following Saturday, we hosted her “Ice Cream […]

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My Baby Shower Pics & Tips

Back to the baby shower business. Like I mentioned in my last post, my girlfriends are all having their first baby and I have been helping them plan for their Baby Showers. So it’s only right I dug through my old photos ( from 2012 lol ) of my beloved decor. I wanted to keep it […]

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The BEST Baby Shower Games

While helping my close friend plan her first baby shower, some old photos from my 2012 shower came about. We couldn’t help but laugh at all of the expressions on my guests’ faces during some of the games that were played. Listed are some of the best crowd pleasing games that you won’t see on every website. Including what tools […]

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