Is Your Child Too Sick for School?

Take a screen-shot, mama’s! This information was given out at my daughters’ school. It’s a great piece of information to have and to share. Please remember, if they’re too sick for school, they’re too sick to be out spreading germs. To read what we do at home to prevent, and cure some of these symptoms, click […]

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James’ Baseball Bash

I introduced my good friend Christel to my longtime family friend Michael. The two got hitched and have the most beautiful baby boy, James. ( I love to tell everyone this story) I am not his God Mother but thought if I let everyone know, his mom might feel bad for not picking me.. just kidding! […]

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Our Carnival-Chic Nursery

My youngest daughter is ready to be transitioned into a big girl bed and my heart can not take it! Time has truly flown by with my baby now going on 3. So before we pick out her new “big girl” furniture, I wanted to capture the sweet details of her now old, nursery. My […]

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Time Saving Toddler Breakfasts!

Months ago my kids would eat anything I placed in from of them, But as they are growing older their appetites have become quite picky. To ensure they eat a good breakfast, and to keep it easy, I use a lot of shortcuts. On weekdays we have to be out of the house really early in order to […]

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