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Summer Fun Checklist

Summer has arrived! Pool days and outings for ice cream are a few of our favorite things. We’re aiming for a tablet free summer and to stay sane, I’ve come up with a list of things to do and see that are inexpensive when I’m out of crafts, snacks or stuck indoors! I’ve linked the […]

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Jackpot! Teacher Tag 

Don’t forget to treat your teacher to something special this valentine’s day! Here’s what we gave to Savannah’s teacher and her aides. “I WON THE JACKPOT HAVING YOU AS MY TEACHER!” Included: a 100 grand candy bar, payday candy bar, some gold chocolate coins and two scratch-off lottery tickets! Click Here  for a free printable of […]

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Blowing Bubbles Valentines

This was Savannah’s first year of school, So I wanted to do something fun for her class to pass out on Valentine’s Day. With so many cute ideas on Pinterest, I let her choose her favorite. Here’s what we created! We purchased the bubbles from Target, the string from Michaels, and the free printable was found […]

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