Savannah turned 5 and chose an art party to celebrate with her closest friends!

We rented out a local art studio and our guests were treated to three fun projects.

We started with a wooden box that the kids painted, and used grout to add embellishments. Next was sand art and a placemat. We decided to choose projects that everyone could take home the same day to enjoy.

For party favors, and added decor we hung personalized aprons around the studio chairs with every child’s name.

I made the aprons myself with a quick trip to Michaels! I used iron on glitter letters for the girls, and black letters with white aprons for the boys! This was the day that made me regret giving my girls long names and hating everyone else with a long name as well! lol

One of my favorites finds for the party was this Art Activity table cover from Amazon! I found clear plastic paint cans to store crayons and markers to be used on it too!


Rainbow Gumballs, Bubble Crayons, Hershey Kisses, Skittles and Rainbow Goldfish filled out the dessert table with different sugar cookie designs.

After singing Happy Birthday each child received a “blank canvas” cupcake on a palette with sprinkles to create their own dessert masterpiece. This was definitely my favorite detail and the kids loved it.


If you’re looking to purchase any of the items we used, just click the links in the product description!

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