Valentine’s Day Treats They’ll Keep

Dear Momma’s, please don’t send your kids into school with valentine’s that contain home baked treats or loose candies.

They are adorable, tasty and fun but they most likely get tossed out by other parents.

Think Halloween. We check the candy before allowing the kids a treat.

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So if you’re going to give a game that involves loose M&M’s, throw in a bag of the fun sized or use something pre-wrapped like hershey kisses. If you’re giving out something that contains cookies or crackers, do the same.


We are expected to be able to trust the parents in our children’s classes and we should, but there’s no way to be sure home made treats didn’t cross paths with something containing nuts, or another allergen. We also can’t confirm how clean ones hands were while bagging candy.

You can call me crazy and over cautious, but I’ve seen kids lick spatulas, pick their nose and other fun things that dont need to be mentioned while baking and crafting. So yes, I’m keeping it real. You’re welcome.

Here are some ideas for fun Valentines that don’t involve any sweets but are still a great treat!


Don’t forget to treat your childs teacher, too! Here’s what we gave to Savannah’s teacher and her assistants this year-


completed photo coming soon!

A couple scratch off lottery tickets, a 100 grand candy bar, payday candy bar and some chocolate gold coins with a “I won the Jackpot having you as my teacher” tag!

If you’d like to create the same treat click here for a free printable!








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