Who says Halloween has to be all about candy?! If you’re looking to treat your tricksters to something besides artificial colors, flavors and an overload of sugar- look no further!

I’m not going to tell you to hand out apples because let’s be honest- even I would skip your house! I’ve listed healthier snacks, that are made with Halloween themed packaging. Let’s give that sugar rush and those GMO’s the little break they need!

You can find these snacks in their Halloween packaging in the seasonal section of most supermarkets or general stores! Target seems to have the largest selection in store. But if you’re into online shopping, and two-day shipping, use the links below!

Skinny Pop Halloween Popcorn

 Veggie Chips Ghosts & Bats


Clif Z Bar Goblin Chocolate Chip Energy Bar

 Clif Z Bar Full Moon Brownie Bars


Yum Earth Organics Gummy Bears & Worms

Pirates Booty (Not Available for Online Purchase)


Natures Bakery Halloween Brownie

BoomChickaPop Sweet & Salty Halloween Popcorn


Utz Halloween Pretzels 

Utz Halloween Cheese Balls


Annies Halloween Bunny Grahams

Bitsys Brain Food Spooky Snack Cookies



Remember to be safe & check your children’s candy, and other treats before allowing them to eat it!  Guidelines to Checking Halloween Candy 

For tips on what NOT to give children on Halloween, Read What NOT to give, Trick-or-Treaters You’ll save time and money by not purchasing or making something parents will throw out.

Happy Halloween, I hope this helped!




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