Back to the baby shower business. Like I mentioned in my last post, my girlfriends are all having their first baby and I have been helping them plan for their Baby Showers. So it’s only right I dug through my old photos ( from 2012 lol ) of my beloved decor. I wanted to keep it simple, as it was just meant to be a casual lunch with my closest friends and family. Girly, Pink & Plush!

I made the mistake of not hiring a photographer, so use this advice- for every single event you host, include a photographer in your budget! Definitely worth having.

I decided to have the baby shower at the country club, my family is members of, and we hosted it in one of their more casual dining rooms.

For Centerpieces, I found these really plush teddy bears on Amazon and added a baby bottle with a crystallized table number. I had that surrounded by an assortment of Pink flowers that a local florist made for me. The bottles were purchased from the Dollar Store! I LOVE using escort cards & assigned seating at all of my sit down events. I think it makes your guests feel more welcome, and it ensures everyone is seated among friends. Keeps it a little more intimate no matter what the guest count is.

I asked the restaurant to provide pink linen napkins for each setting, and most restaurants should be more than willing to do so for you if you give them about a weeks notice. It gave a pretty nice touch to the tables and only cost me about .25 cents per person. A little buck for a big bang huh?

Our Baby Shower 002

As party favors, I ordered teddy bear sugar cookies and adorned them with a pink ribbon. On the back of each favor was a number for guests to use for certain games!

Our Baby Shower 008

My cake came along with the sugar cookies from a bakery in Clarkston. I surrounded it with popcorn that was drizzled with white chocolate and pink white chocolate. (So Good!!) I Included scoopers & little favor bags that didn’t make the photo. (See what I mean about hiring a photographer?) The jars I used for the popcorn were purchased from Home Goods, and the big pink bows were from Michael’s!


Check out my post about the best baby shower games to read about some of the games we played!

For prizes, I used candles, pretty notepads and jeweled picture frames all purchased from Home Goods. It’s important to give out things people will actually use, or things people can eat! 

When it comes to lunch or dinner, I always recommend including some sort of appetizer accompanied by soup or salad for your guests before the main dish is served. Most guests are going to arrive hungrily, and the last thing you want is “HANGRY” guests while playing games and socializing.

We included Valet for all of the guests because let’s be real.. who wants to walk across the parking lot in heels carrying a Peg-Perego high chair? Not me! I try to think about all of the things I would enjoy as a guest at my own party, and I plan accordingly. I know where to cut back, and where to splurge.

If you want to include cocktails, you can choose an offering of two types of wine to keep costs down or ask the restaurant to prepare a signature punch for your guests. There is simply no need for anyone to be drinking enough to get drunk, so you don’t really need to splurge on an open bar.



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