Guidelines to Checking Halloween Candy

Love thy neighbor, but don’t trust them on Halloween. That’s the motto around here. Before heading out on Halloween night, please take a moment to consider exactly what we are doing. We are taking our children door to door and accepting candy from total strangers. Kudos to you if you know every single person who’s door […]

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12 Halloween Treats without the Sweets

Who says Halloween has to be all about candy?! If you’re looking to treat your tricksters to something besides artificial colors, flavors and an overload of sugar- look no further! I’m not going to tell you to hand out apples because let’s be honest- even I would skip your house! I’ve listed healthier snacks, that […]

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Jackpot! Teacher Tag 

Don’t forget to treat your teacher to something special this valentine’s day! Here’s what we gave to Savannah’s teacher and her aides. “I WON THE JACKPOT HAVING YOU AS MY TEACHER!” Included: a 100 grand candy bar, payday candy bar, some gold chocolate coins and two scratch-off lottery tickets! Click Here  for a free printable of […]

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