So I see you clicked a little link that brought you here to all things me. So let me explain. I started this blog because my friends & family are always asking my advice on all things babies, events, and home. So I figured sharing some of my hobbies could be fun and possibly useful to other people.

I have been married for 4 years to my Husband, Nick. We share two beautiful girls who you will later get to know. Through them I have unveiled many talents I did not know existed. I am really talkative/outgoing and being home with two toddlers, I tend to lose myself and miss having great discussions that don’t involve Elmo or Disney Princess’.

So I figured, what better way to communicate than through the power of the internet!?

I love to eat, host gatherings and I am always up for a good time. I am constantly doing my research on all the new baby items that will help get through my days with the kids! So here I am to lend a helping hand, or an extra opinion.

I will share recipes that are actually easy, and tasty. Home decor designs, organization & Event ideas that work on any budget. Most importantly, I will share all of the tips, tricks, and product reviews you need to survive mommy hood! I will also share the in between of my everyday life, with limited selfies – I promise.

Photos By MyCloud9Photo.com
Here we are!  Photo By MyCloud9Photo.com

So welcome and stay tuned! I hope you enjoy your time looking around and getting to know me! It should be fun!



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