Summer has arrived! Pool days and outings for ice cream are a few of our favorite things. We’re aiming for a tablet free summer and to stay sane, I’ve come up with a list of things to do and see that are inexpensive when I’m out of crafts, snacks or stuck indoors!

I’ve linked the printable to this so you can add some more of your own ideas!

Summer Checklist Printable


Soak up the sun and enjoy these moments with your kids! The days may be long but the moments of love are all worth it!

Let me know what your favorite activities were in the comments!






4 Comments on Summer Fun Checklist

  1. What a great checklist! The zoo and making s’mores are definitely our favorites! We can’t wait to do more off these lists!

  2. This check list is awesome! Now why haven’t I done anything on this list?! Starting first thing tomorrow! Lol

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