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Sick Day Solutions


With the new school year, and changing seasons comes every parents worst nightmare- sick days! To keep my kids healthy I use a natural vitamin daily, all year long.

My girls take the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kids Multivitamin Every morning.

The Garden of Life Organic Probiotic for kids is included with the multivitamin every evening when they are sick or I feel like they may be coming down with something.

Now in the instance we do get caught with a bug these are my go to remedies:

All of these products can be found in store, at any Fresh Thyme Market or on Amazon prime by clicking the links above.

The great thing about these products is that they can be used with an antibiotic, or any other medication your child may need. At night, if my kids are stuffy I give them the Zarbees, Genexa and a bit of Children’s Zyrtec to really help dry out any nasal congestion. I just space them apart to not overwhelm their stomachs.

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I am NOT a doctor or medical professional of any sort, but I am a mom that knows what works for my family. This post is based on my own personal experiences. Before taking any product or advice, I always suggest you do your own research first.




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