Months ago my kids would eat anything I placed in from of them, But as they are growing older their appetites have become quite picky.

To ensure they eat a good breakfast, and to keep it easy, I use a lot of shortcuts. On weekdays we have to be out of the house really early in order to be on time for school and activities. The shorter the cook time, the easier the clean up, and the faster we are out the door!

Earths best has a great range of Food beginning with infant formula. Then ranging to toddler meals and snacks. I have been using their foods for just about everything. They have a great line of frozen breakfast items that I purchase regularly and keep stocked up in the freezer. They get toasted for a couple of minutes in the toaster, add some fruit, some light syrup and my girls are all smiles. Earths best also makes a great Instant Oatmeal that I even enjoy eating myself! It’s great for those cold or rainy mornings. It’s wholesome and is also a great source of fiber. The Earths best foods that I mentioned can be found at Target and Kroger, and are always almost on sale.


The oatmeal might be a bit harder to find, but it is available on Amazon! As much as I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods, I do try to find the items that I love at other stores due to high costs.

Scrambled Organic Eggs made with organic dairy free “butter”  is also a hit, along with some turkey bacon or turkey sausage when we have a few extra minutes.

Fresh Belgian waffles with fresh fruit and a dash of powdered sugar make the cut as well. I do not ever mix Powdered sugar with Syrup. It is always one or the other. There’s NO need for that much sugar at any time of the day.

Toast with peanut butter, or cream cheese makes for a great canvas to make cute breakfast animals.

We avoid foods like pop tarts, toaster strudels and sugary cereals. There is no nutrition there and it will lead your children’s sugar cravings to be much deeper. Not to mention all of the GMO’s used to create them. Keep the sugar in your child’s dessert where it belongs and on occasion.

Included are some photographs of fun ways to “serve up a smile” during breakfast! ( When you have a few extra minutes, of course!)


I hope this helps get your day off to a good start! After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!





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