For my oldest daughters 4th birthday, we decided to keep her party intimate with just her closest friends and a visit from Princess Jasmine. The girls spent the day swimming at our local club, then into a party room for lunch and dessert!

We decided to go ahead with her party about a week prior, so with the help of Amazon prime and Target it all came together rather quickly!

The girls were so hungry that by the time we got into the room, they were already seated and I wasn’t able to get photos of the table decor.  🙁

The tables were lined with Turquoise table covers, a purple table runner and Gold paper plates from Target! For each child, at their place setting, we included a silver and purple princess crown! (Also from Target!)

Here is a look at how the dessert table turned out-

Princess Jasmine Birthday -

The cake was made by Home Bakery of Rochester Hills, and the figurines were purchased and provided to them from the Disney store.


Cardboard cut out of Princess Jasmine was purchased from Amazon, our “Raja” was won at a past carnival and he fit right in.

Princess Jasmine Birthday -

Candy jars were filled with purple M&M’s, Rolo, Gumballs, Reese’s Cups and Rock Candy “Jewels”


Chocolate Covered oreos made by moi, and I used brown sugar to line the tray to look like sand!

Princess Jasmine Birthday -

“Bags of Gold” – We filled purple bags with gold and silver coins and lined the tray with brown sugar to look like sand as well! Of course, we couldn’t leave out the famous Genie Lamp!

Princess Jasmine Birthday -

Party Favors-

For the girls- Design-your-own Bangles, because Jasmine loves her jewelry!

For Boys- Decorate-your-own Pirate Chest! I wanted to label the pirate chest, “Treasure Chest” but seriously had no time for that.

I love giving out party favors that are either edible or useable. No mom wants to take home a bag of knick-knacks that end up stuck in the vacuum, or in the trash!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the details! All of the links in this page will direct you into purchasing the items listed!




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