Welcome to my favorite party yet!

My youngest daughter turned two, June 15th and I chose to have her party at a local play facility. The interior play structures were built to look like a forest, including tree stumps, mushrooms, and bears all along the building! So what better theme for a girly girl in the forest than a Fairy Garden?!

Throughout this post you will find direct links to purchase the items that have been featured!

Birthday Girl!

I was able to rent the entire facility and have it open only to our guests!

Using some props of my own from home, I took in a pretty play tent, some large floor pillows that look like flowers, and a fun hopscotch mat. All items I already owned and use in my daughters’ playroom! ( I will get around to sharing photos of it!)

I purchased jeweled fairy wings, flower crowns, and wands from Amazon for every little girl to keep and play within the party.

Target had these great bug catchers that I left out in the open play area and labeled “Fairy Catchers”! The boys and girls had so much fun running around with them.

In a separate area, we set up a craft table with instructions and supplies to “Create your own fairy wand!” They were purchased as kits from Target, but I opened them up and accented the instruction sheets myself. It’s all in the details, right?!

The cake was inspired by a few different cakes I had seen on Pinterest and was made by Paradise Cakes in West Bloomfield, Michigan. It came out Amazing!

The dessert table came out beautifully! Here’s a breakdown of what it consisted of:

  • 3 different candies in jars adorned with jeweled butterflies
  • Flower cookies on sticks in their own little flower beds
  • Butterfly cookies
  • Chocolate covered Oreos accented with Sprinkles, Edible Wands & Flowers
  • S’mores donuts from Donut Bar + Coffee (Because when you’re in the woods, you make S’mores of course!)
  • Flower lollipops in a flower pot
  • Garden Gnomes from Target
  • Fairy Dust
  • Watering Can with Florals
  • Floral Garland
  • Tree Stump Cake Stand
  • Cake by Paradise Cakes, Michigan


“Try One! They’re Fairy Delicious” Sign made by me!

The wood slabs used for the butterfly cookies, fairy dust, chocolate covered Oreos, and Donuts were all purchased from Hobby Lobby!

I’m happy to share that I set up, and created everything on the table myself, with the exception of the sugar cookies, cake, and donuts!

Party favors were created for different age groups that tied in with the theme! They stayed organized with personalized favor tags for each child that read “Thanks for making my 2nd birthday a Fairy good time” and their names.

For Boys, an outdoor garden tool set with a “wizard casting kit”. For older girls, a “fairy catcher kit” along with 2 mini flower pots for indoor planting. For all of the babies, The Very Hungry Caterpillar book and coordinating rattle! I always put a lot of thought into the goodie bags for all of our events! Incorporating the theme, and giving away something useful are very important to me!

All of the girls aged 2-5 got to take home a pair of fairy wings, flower crown and coordinating wand! They were a “triple threat” coming in handy as decor, entertainment, and favors. Each child also took home one of the “Fairy Catcher” bug nets!

The little girls slid down the slides with their fairy wings on and were granting wishes to all of the adults, who were big fans of the flower crowns as well!

If you’ve seen my other posts, you now know that I don’t include many photos of our party guests for privacy reasons!

The Kids got to take home bags of treats and fairy dust from our spectacular dessert table as well!


As a special treat for our adult guests, I had a SnapChat Geo Filter created by Serena of Filter Me Forever and it was a Hit! Here are some of the snaps our guests captured.



I hope you enjoyed the details in Scarlett’s Fairy Garden! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or submit an inquiry at the contact page!

All of the beautiful photos in this post were taken by the talented Angelica of Angel Rijina Photography

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