Leading up to the delivery of baby number two was a bit more relaxing then the first time around.

I knew what to expect, what to pack, and when to go.

I started feeling contractions on a Friday and they got stronger and stronger throughout the night. Having a toddler at home I felt like I had so much more I had to have ready at home for us before the baby came. Between groceries and a new “gift” from the baby, It had to all be done right. My mom and Sister were a big help, but nobody does it like you. You know? So I wanted it to be a smooth stay at my house for them with Savannah. The less they worried about groceries and cleaning, the more attention Savannah would receive!

So, like I said I was feeling the contractions all through the night. I woke up, cleaned the entire house and had everything in order. Laundry was put away. Nothing was left untouched. I called my Mom and specifically said “can you come over? I’m pretty sure I’m going into labor but I need to get my nails done and run to Costco” (she tells everyone) she replied “are you nuts? You have to stay home, what if you go into labor!” I said.. “Mom I have shit to do just get here”

So being the great mom she is, she head over.

So, I got my nails done.. A manicure and pedicure! I remember sitting through the pain telling my nail tech MiMi that I would for sure deliver tonight.

After that I called my husband and asked him to meet me at Costco (he was at work)  as we walked into Costco I tugged his arm and said “hey don’t freak out but my contractions are REALLY strong, so don’t go too far from me” he instantly asked why the hell we were at Costco and I again explained my OCD and that it would be fine. After all of the walking in Costco, the contractions got stronger and closer together. After dinner, I got Savannah to bed and urged Nick to stay awake. (My mom knew to sleep over) at about 10pm I let Nick know it was time to go and he was certain I was clueless because of our experience with Savannah, the whole “false alarm” thing and I thought okay he might be right.. But by 10:30 I knew it was time. I even threatened to leave without him. This made him realize it was time as well.

I was checked out, my pain level was definitely higher than 8 and we were in the delivery room by midnight.

Nick fell asleep by 12:15am. I’ll never forget him snoring… I threw ice cubes at him but it didn’t help. Nurse thought I was nuts. But, hello!! I couldn’t get any rest with all that noise.

My epidural eventually kicked in and I was able to get some sleep.

Come 6:30am my pain level was drastically increasing. By 6:45am I was screaming. Yes, Screaming. Like in the movies. My drugs had  warn off and it was time. Nick jumped up and into action. My nurse however thought I was being dramatic. To her surprise when she checked me, the baby was coming with or without her, or a doctor!

My doctor happened to be delivering someone else’s baby at the exact time I began to deliver. The nurses were also in the midst of a shift change so there was a frantic party in my room trying to locate the hospitals house doctor and the new nurses needed to be filled in. All this as I practically delivered my own Child.

Then, A random doctor walked in, introduced himself and delivered our baby girl, Scarlett May at 7am on the dot all in an instant on June 15th 2014. Literally, an instant. It’s been almost 2 years now, and I still do not know the name of the Doctor that delivered my child. But I do know, he saved the day.

Only having to push for a total of 15 minutes, It was like Scarlett  walked out in comparison to the birth of her older sister.

So when they say, “the next one will be easier”, they’re telling the truth! With this delivery I can say that it was more painful, mainly because my epidural was worn off, but it was MUCH faster and easier. I’ll choose my battles 😉



The beautiful newborn photos were taken by Cloud 9 Photography

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