Cold weather got you in the mood for some comfort food? Say Hello, to the perfect pot roast! I came across this recipe on the Food Network and it is by my favorite gal, The Pioneer Woman. She really mastered the pot roast with this recipe, and this is one of those meals that you can really use to impress your family! I did choose to add potatoes to this version of the recipe, and we will be using more herbs. The prep time is short and fairly easy. The cook time is about 3-4 hours, which means you can get a whole lot done while dinner is cooking!


Here’s What You’ll Need!

Salt and freshly ground black pepper
One 3-5 pound top round roast or chuck roast
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 whole onions, peeled and halved (cut in half)
6 to 8 whole carrots, unpeeled, cut into 2-inch pieces (or a bunch of baby carrots)                4 Peeled & Halved Potatoes
1 cup red wine optional 3 cups beef broth
4 sprigs fresh rosemary
4 sprigs fresh thyme



Here’s What to do:

Preheat the oven to 275 degrees F.

Generously salt and pepper the chuck roast.

Heat the olive oil in large pot over medium-high heat. Add the halved onions to the pot, browning them on both sides. Remove the onions to a plate.

If needed, add a bit more oil and throw the carrots & potatoes into the same very hot-pot. Toss them around a bit until slightly browned, about a minute or so. Place the carrots & potatoes with the onions.

Again, add a bit more olive oil to the very hot-pot. Place the meat in the pot and sear it for about a minute on both sides until it is nice and brown all over. Remove the roast to a plate.

With the burner still on high, use either red wine or beef broth (about 1 cup) to deglaze the pot, scraping the bottom with a whisk.

Deglazing the Pot with Beef Broth!

Place the roast back into the pot and add enough beef stock to cover the meat halfway.

Add in the onions, potatoes and the carrots, along with the fresh herbs.


Put the lid on, then roast in the 275 degree oven for 3 hours for a 3-pound roast. For a 4 to 5-pound roast, plan on 4 hours.

The roast is ready when it’s fall-apart tender. You shouldn’t need a knife to serve it, and you should be able to pull it apart with a fork!

Perfect Pot Roast!


Serve with Mashed Potatoes, Rice, and/or Dinner Rolls!



Chef Jessica 😉


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