While helping my close friend plan her first baby shower, some old photos from my 2012 shower came about. We couldn’t help but laugh at all of the expressions on my guests’ faces during some of the games that were played. Listed are some of the best crowd pleasing games that you won’t see on every website. Including what tools you’ll need to play them!
  • Bottle Chug-  5 baby bottles purchased from any dollar store, filled with juice of your choice. You can pierce the nipples on the bottles to allow more flow or keep it slow to really stress out the players. However, if you choose to not pierce the nipple, don’t fill the bottles up too much. It will take a while for the players to chug! The game ending is simple, the first player to finish the bottle wins!
  • Pacifier Shoot Out-  Be Prepared to laugh, and stand back! Purchase 3-5 Pacifiers (can also be found at the dollar store) and have the players line up evenly. Each player will take a turn shooting the pacifier from their mouth. Once all players spit them out, the furthest landing pacifier wins!Our Baby Shower 0444
  • Decorate the Onesie- This can be played in a competition style, or just as an activity for guests to willingly engage in. Purchase White plain onesies from any children’s store in size 3 month. Provide fabric markers, fabric paint, and puff paint! Don’t forget small paint brushes too. The guests can decorate the onesies to their liking and the new mom gets to keep them all. You can actually use them for baby to wear or frame your favorites in a large poster frame to hang in the nursery. If you want to make it more competitive, the new mom can choose her favorite design and the artist will win a prize!
  • Feed The Baby- Get about 5 different baby foods, remove the labels and number the jars. 3 Bibs, and 3 baby spoons. Bibs and Spoons can be found at a local dollar store! You’ll also need 3 Notecards/Paper, and 3 pens! I recommend having guests play this game in teams of two. Call up 3 Teams of 2. (6 Players Total) One team member will be the “baby”, and the other the “mommy”. The mommy will place a bib on the baby and feed the 5 different foods to her. Writing on a note card the “baby’s” guesses for the flavors. The notecards should be numbered 1-5 to correspond with the baby food jars also numbered 1-5. The team with the most correct flavors win! Both team members should get a prize! Try to keep the baby foods somewhat simple to not cause too much confusion. This game can be played with or without the teams, but i find the “mommy” and “baby” roles make for great photos and laughs!Our Baby Shower 050
  • Hush Little Baby-  This was a HIT at my sister-in-law’s shower! Bring in an old toy doll, and call up guests to “Sing the baby to sleep” if your crowd consists of bilingual women, announce that it can be done in any language! They must cradle the baby doll and simply “sing it to sleep”I have seen people sing in different languages, and even rap to these baby dolls! The best lullaby gets a prize, and to make it seem like a real singing competition, you can let the crowd decide with claps and cheers!
  • Centerpiece “Pass the Prize” Poem-  This is a great poem that your party host will read aloud to all of your guests as they pass around an item that coordinates to the Poem. Each table will need one item to pass around. When the poem is complete, the guest holding the item gets to take home the centerpiece! It’s a great way to get all of your guests into your event, & it even helps the people seated together get to know one another! Replace the word “Poem” with the name of the item you are passing around! Copy & Paste the poem into any word document to edit, and print!

The news is out! quick send a cable! This poem goes to the lady across the table. (pass poem to her)If someone wears a dress/top of blue, she must take this note from you. But if blue can not be seen surely pink will be just as keen.
Take this note and read the verse, pass it then to the gal who carries the largest purse. If it is you, keep the note. If not, then pass it along to the largest tote.
Roses they say are kissed by dew, pass this to the one with the smallest shoe.
We’re getting tricky, here’s a real humdinger! Pass this note to the gal with the most rings on her fingers.
You’re doing great! what a success! pass this note to the gal with the most buttons on her dress.
Alas, the gift is not for you, but it now passes to the lady who, with rage, admits to being the oldest age.
Don’t despair! here’s the next clue…this must be handed now to the lady with the largest shoe.
(Mommy’s name) is anxious…(daddy’s name) is nervous, now pass this to the lady who drove the furthest.
The due date is getting closer, (mom and dad names) will have a ball. Pass this now to the lady who is most tall.
We hope you’re all having fun. We’ve tried to include most everyone. From the largest purse to the largest shoe, pass this now to the gal to the right of you.
The shower is almost over and the punch is nearly gone- pass this to the lady with the smallest earrings on.
There won’t be time to practice, there won’t be time to rehearse. Pass this to the lady with the most money (paper) in her purse.
Roses are red, violets are blue, pass this now to the lady to the left of you.
We’re ending this rhyme, this is the last poem, the centerpiece on the table is yours to take home!

As you can see, I did not include any games that included printable questionnaires for all of your guests to fill out. I HATE those! Unless you are having a party of 10, they are just a mess. Pens everywhere, people shouting for answers, and having to collect them all or take score can be a pain. Even when having guests check each other’s answers. It seems it’s a great way to kill time, but I find it really puts a damper on the event and wastes A LOT of paper. A good event keeps guests wanting to stay, not wanting to leave as soon as they finish their lunch! With that being said, please do not play baby bingo. The only person who likes that game is Grandma! Lol!
To see photos of my intimate baby shower and for more tips on hosting – click here!
Let me know what you guys think & if any of these work for your Baby Shower!

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